Waymo Get Green Signal for Unmanned Automatic Driving Cars in California


Waymo is developing automatic driving car under the umbrella of Alphabet (Google group) complex company.

They were able to achieve permission for unattended automatic driving at the Vehicle Management Bureau in California State. In upcoming days, you will see a sensor-laden car with the logo of “W” at Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Palo Alto.

It seems that the operator will test the automatic driving car, but no one seems to board the driver’s seat. It is written in the company’s blog as follows.

California is the first time to have a car without a driver tested on public roads. In other words, the test driver is not sitting in the driver’s seat.

What kind of driving will you do?

The allowance is tolerance and tolerance, even day and night can be taken up to 105 km / h maximum, it is OK and you can test with various road types.

Waymo’s vehicle says it can cope with mist or light rain, but probably it does not seem to allow driving under bad weather in the authorization.

There are cases of accidents in the past

Automatic driving vehicles and semi-automatic driving vehicles have caused fatal accidents in the past in Arizona where Uber came in contact with a woman crossing the roadway, accidents occurred frequently in Tesla and autopilot, and many cases of accidents Yes. But California state allowed unattended driving.

Who is going to ride?

Of course, the first passenger is not a civilian but an employee of Waymo. It is also spelled out on the blog as follows.

If Waymo’s vehicle falls into a situation we cannot understand, we stop safely until we understand how to get the next one

Indeed, if you do not understand, your program as “Tentatively Stopped”. Anyway, I hope that you will not cause accidents that other companies have caused so far.

Until now Waymo has made various movements, such as entering China and getting a patent that the car body becomes a cushion when it collides. These are also a lot of concerns.

Source: https://waymo.com/press/


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