IOS 12.1 Discovers A Bug That You Can Access The Contact Book Without Unlocking


The distribution for the other day was started, iOS 12.1 for mobile OS. It is this new version of OS that can use convenient functions such as group FaceTime, but I discovered that there is a bug that can access the contact book without unlocking it.

The above video was posted by videosdebarraquito on YouTube channel. By placing an obstacle in the camera (TrueDepth camera) part at the top of the screen with the lock screen and following a specific procedure via “Siri” or the like, you can access the contact saved in the iPhone is.

With this bug, you can access other people’s contacts without knowing the passcode. Speaking of contacts, it is just a mass of personal information. If further information leaks, it will cause annoyance to other people such as friends.

Such lock screen bugs were discovered not only in iOS 12.1, but also in iOS 7, iOS 6.1, and others. This bug is also very serious, so I’d like to wait for Apple to distribute early updates.


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