Golden State Warriors Beat Philadelphia 76ers with a 126 Points Win!

On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors, one of the best NBA teams, gave the 76ers of Philadelphia a 126-86 defeat at the Oracle Arena. The Warriors led by 47 points, including the double figures that the team brought home during the final 39:20 of the game, and was leading by 20  during the last 27:15. Tuesday’s match was the team’s most unbalanced triumph of the basketball season. Philadelphia, on the other hand, is yet to win a home game and has started the basketball season with a 0-17 score.

Warriors show off their best play with record highs for this season

During the match, the team displayed stellar plays, steals and assists including scoring a season high of 43 points from one of their best forced turnovers for this season, which was twenty-eight. The Warriors also created a record for this season, with nineteen steals and thirty-eight assists in addition to securing eleven blocked shots. On the whole, the Warriors have about 17 steals in successive games, with the last such record made in 1975.

Warriors match and break every franchise record!

The Oracle Arena match on Tuesday was the team’s tenth successive victory at the venue. The current team even matched the campaign made by the 1994 team, and has moved within the top 5 game spots of the franchise’s best home stretch record. This is the first time that a team has won eleven matches in consecutive months. The last time a team earned this distinction was in 1992. Because of their stellar performance, the Warriors have maintained a ½ game lead over their rival Portland team with regards to the Western Conference. Additionally, they are also ahead of the Clippers by five games in the Pacific Division.

“Fast and Furious” Actor, Paul Walker’s Father Sues Roger Rodas’ Estate for $1.8mn!

Father of “Fast and Furious” actor, Paul William Walker III is suing Roger Rodas’ family for 1.8mn dollars. Roger Rodas was the driver of the car in which the actor as well as Rodas perished. The late actor’s father has registered a creditor’s claim,where he has stated that Rodas’ estate was in control of several automobiles which his son also had whole or partial ownership of. The star’s father is demanding the return of the vehicles, and a share of the proceeds from the sale of these cars. The family of Rodas, on the other hand, has rejected his claim.

Who is Roger Rodas?

Both Walker and Rodas died in the November 2013 accident when the car they were in, a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, crashed. Investigation into the car accident revealed the cause to be speeding,with the car said to be going over 80 miles per hour. On the ill-fated day, the two men were returning from a fundraiser and were only a fair distant away from their auto outlet when their car rammed into a tree and caught fire. Both died on the spot; the actor was then 40 years old.The other person in the car who perished along with the actor in the November car accident wasRoger Rodas, a close friend of the actor besides being his business partner. They were owners of the California performance and racing outlet, “Always Evolving”.

The actor leaves behind a teenage daughter, a father and two brothers

Apart from his father and two brothers, the late actor has an adolescent daughter, Meadow Walker, who was described by her grandfather as being shy around himin an interview with E! News. He also added, “She’s doing—I hear from the grapevine—very good in school,”

Dallas Mavericks Beats Eastern Conference’s Best Team Washington Wizards!

In the Tuesday match between the Mavericks and Wizards, it was the Dallas team that emerged victorious by defeating one of the best teams of the Eastern Conference with a 114 win. The Washington Wizards managed to score only 87 points in the Tuesday night match. The match turned out to be a cakewalk for the Dallas Mavericks, who were expecting a tough fight from the Wizards.

Basketball magic by Dallas Mavericks leads to their 3rd straight victory!

The excellent play was in part due to the highly well organized offense put up by Dallas,which apparently did not require the help of their forward Dirk Nowitzki. The team’s points continued to rise, with six of its players playing an instrumental role bycontributing double figures, includinga20 point score by Maverick guard Monta Ellis. The game was the team’s third uninterrupted victory.While responsible for only seven turnovers, the Dallas team hadwon the season series in November, with its 105-102 score against the Wizards. As a result, it earned the distinction of a10th consecutive series win against the Washington team.

A night of sloppy performance by the Washington Wizards!

The Washington Wizards could not keep up their winning streak, which the team displayed in its Monday night game against Houston on Monday, in which it scored 104 against Houston’s 103. The team was exceedingly careless and committed twenty-three turnovers in the match against the Mavericks. Bradley Beal, who was the star at the Wizards vs. Houston match,missed nine out of eleven shots and ended the day with only 10 points on the 4-of-14 shooting. John Wall, the team’s point guard,scored only 11 points and had just eight assists.Nene, the team’s power forward, on the other hand, had to leave the game because of an ankle injury.

Rings Of Faraway Star J1407 Poses A Mystery To The Scientists

J1407 Is Around 3 Quadrillion Miles Away

For some times, the huge and mysterious rings of a sun like star named J1407 has been the favorite mystery for the scientists. They are eager to find out what lies beneath the rings which are quite similar to those that go around the planet Saturn but are more numerous, 200 times bigger and much heavier. In the future, these particle rings will form into moons and there is a strong possibility that one may have formed already because the rings cannot even exist without the gravitational pull of a planet.

J1407 Is Young At 16 Million Years

According to scientist, the new star is only 16 million years and with time, the rings will become moon. The images of J1407 were part of the universe recorded by the SuperWASP project in 2007, using robotic telescopes in South Africa and the Canary Islands. While all the other stars had their starlight blocked for a period of 56 days, J1407 was seen flickering. Eric Mamajek, professor of physics and astronomy had played a key role in determining that the particle ring was what caused the flicking.

Ring Has Gap In The Form Of Moon

Images that were taken earlier on had not shown the starlight being blocked. The latest blockage led to the conclusion that there were around 30 rings that were leading to the blockage of starlight. There is a gap in the rings and that is caused by a moon called an “exomoon.” The rings are present around the planet and that causes the blockage of light. As Mamajek said, “There must have been something in there that caused a gap in the ring,” “My predication is that we’ll see another eclipse in the next few years. It will be a great test.”

Placebo When Perceived As Expensive Is As Effective As Other Drugs

Perception Of Humans Lead To Efficiency Of Drugs

A new study has shown that a drug as normal and ordinary as placebo can be effective if the person who is administered the drug thinks that it is a different and expensive drug. It has been seen that irrespective of the fact that there is hardly any difference between generic and brand name drugs, a subject’s perception and/or expectations of a drug—based on its price–significantly influences a drug’s efficacy. The lead author of the study was Alberto J. Espay and he said, “Patients’ expectations play an important role in the effectiveness of their treatments, and the placebo effect has been well documented, especially in people with Parkinson’s disease. We wanted to see if the people’s perceptions of the cost of the drug they received would affect the placebo response.”

Study Was Carried out on Patients With Parkinson’s Disease

In the study, the patients’ with Parkinson’s disease were given two shots of a placebo that were just a saline solution. They were told that they were getting shots of two different but equally effective medications. The only difference between the drugs was that one drug cost “$100 per dose” and the other drug cost “$1,500 per dose.” It was seen that the so called expensive drug improved motor skills and minimized hand shaking among the Parkinson’s disease sufferers more effectively than the “cheap” placebo did.

Research May Help In Future Treatments

The researchers said that after the patients were told that truth, some of them said that they certainly felt better with the “expensive” treatment. Researchers are hopeful that this study and conclusion can be used by the doctors in future treatments in order to help the patients psychologically.

Over The Counter Drugs May Have A Link To Dementia

All The Medications Have An “Anticholinergic” Effect

A new study has come out that say that medicines, including over-the-counter treatments for conditions such as insomnia and hay-fever, may lead to dementia. All the suspected medicines have an “anticholinergic” effect. The condition may aggravate with longer and higher dose of usage. At higher risk are elderly people. The drugs in question block a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine and leaflets that accompany the drugs warn of reduced attention span and memory problems as well as a dry mouth. Another new condition that may arise out of these medicines is dementia. The study was conducted by Dr Shelly Gray and colleagues and had 3,434 people aged 65 and older who had no signs of dementia as studies.

No Specific Brand Named By The Study

The researchers compared the medical and pharmacy records of the studies and made a records of how many of them had been given drug with an anticholinergic effect, at what dose and how often and compared this data with subsequent dementia diagnoses over the next decade. No brands were mentioned but the drug and disease were mentioned. They were Antimuscarinics for treating urinary incontinence, Antihistamines used to treat hay-fever and allergies and Tricyclic antidepressants for treating depression. Of all the studies, 797 developed dementia.

Pharmacists And Doctors Have To Be Cautious

The researchers further said that it was the pharmacists and doctors who had to take a better approach and stop prescribing drugs and medicines that were found to have causes of dementia in it. However, some researchers begged to differ and as Dr Doug Brown said, “it is still unclear whether this is the case and if so, whether the effects seen are a result of long-term use or several episodes of short-term use. More robust research is needed to understand what the potential dangers are, and if some drugs are more likely to have this effect than others.”