Lightbridge Gets One Step Closer to Its Innovative Fuel Design

A nuclear-powered fuel technology company, Lightbridge stated that it has received approval for a key patent from the European Patent Office for its advanced metallic fuel design. Lightbridge’s innovative patent is the growing patent assets worldwide as the patents formulate for the full-scale deployment based on its metallic fuel rod design.

Reston based Lightbridge is an atomic fuel innovation development company creates exclusive cutting-edge atomic fuel advancements for present and future reactors. The innovation essentially upgrades the financial aspects and security of atomic power. Lightbridge autonomously approved the innovation including a fruitful showing of the fuel in an exploration reactor with close term intends to exhibit the fuel under business reactor conditions.

President and CEO of Lightbridge Corporation said that Europe is a critical market for Lightbridge innovation. Further, he explained Lightbridge’s creative fuel configuration that can make Europe’s 181 working atomic power plants more proficient as well as cost-focused with other producing sources. Lightbridge’s latest patent adds to a powerful patent portfolio in Europe and across the world as well.

The latest patent would be issued in upcoming days and will be added to the patent protection through the European Patent Office that protected Lightbridge’s metallic fuel rod design. The latest patent relies on Lightbridge’s 2014 Patent Cooperation Treaty application and covers spread an option epitome of a multi-projection fuel rod design.