Visas Issued to US Citizenship Continue to Decline

On Thursday 25th May 2017, according to a Reuters analysis of preliminary government data released, In April the United States issued fewer visitor visas to the citizens of seven countries covered by President Donald Trump’s temporary travel bans as compare to the last years. The Seven countries that are temporarily banned includes Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen- received about 40 percent fewer visitor visas in March than in an average month last year. From all the countries the whole number of U.S. non-immigrant visas issued to people was about 15 percent lower. The last month data released by the State Department shows the continuance of a trend identified in data for the month of March.

The United States President Donald Trump’s travel bans have been blocked by the court. In April 2017, those temporarily banned countries received about 2,800 non-immigrant visas compared with about 5,700 on average per month. The data released by State Department to fulfill with a directive from President Trump wish to publish monthly breakdowns of the number of visas issued across the globe. As per the sources, the agency not able to find out data on the number of visa applications, so yet it is not clear that whether the lower number of visas is just because of the higher rate of rejection or some other factors. A spokesman for the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, William Cocks said, “Visa demand is cyclical, not uniform throughout the year, and affected by various factors at the local and international level”. On Thursday 25th May 2017, a U.S. appeals court declined to reinstate the travel ban, calling it unfair and setting the stage for a showdown in the Supreme Court.

Robocup Football Challenge: American Robots Defeated Australians

In a game of football to win the RoboCup Challenge, An American team of robots has defeated their Australian rivals after technical problems plagued the Australian side. During China’s World Robot Conference, The University of Texas at Austin Villa beat the University of New South Wales. The University of New South Wales in Australia, Jeremy Collette, regretted the bugs that fraught Run swift. Jeremy Collette said,” We’ve been using that robot for three or four days straight, and just before the finals it stops”. Further, Collette said, “Then we had another problem with another robot, which is kind of like a perfect storm for us”.

Since the mid-1990’s Robot soccer matches have been played. The robot used for this competitions are Nao robots; they are humanly shaped automatons around 58 cm tall. Nao robots are developed by French company Aldebaran Robotics. Robots programmed by advanced programming students at the universities, they are programmed in a way that they exchanged information wirelessly and they bet on which teammates would reach the ball first. The game was not quite as a match involving humans, the main issue was the robot’s skill to remain vertical. The University of Texas at Austin student Josiah Hanna explained, “The robots are telling each other where they believe the ball is, where they believe that they are on the field, if they’ve fallen down or not, and then they’re also to decide who goes for the ball”. Sun Qiong said, “I think these robots are able to move flexibly and this is a pleasant surprise”.

United States: President Trump’s Proposal Affect Medicaid

The United States President, Donald Trump’s proposal will affect Medicaid. As the proposal will include $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid, as per the plan. According to the report, the cut would apply over the next period, for the Medicaid program the cut could include a reduction in the federal funding. It helps to shift more of the burden on funding the program to states. States would then be allowed to tighten eligibility requirements, reduce provider payments. On 25th May 2017 the proposal will be exposed but it faces a substantial battle in Congress. The Medicaid program serves health insurance program as many as 70 million people for poor children, as well as for adults and for elder people.

The Trump proposal joined with the House Republican health care plan to nice Medicaid costs by some $800 billion over the next 10 years. But the proposal removes about 10 million people from the benefit rolls. The proposal will also give states more authority to pass laws needing employment in order to receive some benefits, according to the Washington post. Alabama became one of three states limiting to three months of assistances within a 3-year time frame unless they are working in a job training program. The Medicaid cuts are just part of a major prerogative program repair that contains falls in food stamps and some healthcare programs intended to save as much as $1.7 trillion.

North Korea: Launched New Ballistic Missile

On Sunday 21st May 2017, North Korea successfully launched a medium-range ballistic missile. According to The state-run KCNA news agency, the weapon was now ready to be deployed for military action. A ballistic missile that chase a ballistic trajectory with the purpose of delivering one or more missiles to an encoded target. A ballistic missile is only guided during relatively brief periods of flight. The White House said,” The missile had a shorter range than those used in North Korea’s last three tests”. After one week North Korea tested was a new type of rocket capable of carrying a large nuclear warhead. Last Monday 15th May 2017, the UN Security Council again commanded that Pyongyang conducts no further such tests. North Korea “immediately showing a sincere commitment to denuclearisation through concrete action”.

The Council has now scheduled a meeting wished by the United States, South Korea, and Japan. According to the KCNA reports, On Sunday 21st May 2017 Kim Jong-un, North Korean leader managed the launch of the Pukguksong-2 missile, adding that he had “approved the deployment of this weapon system for action.” South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “The latest missile operates about 560km towards the Sea of Japan”, “Last week’s missile traveled about 700km”. According to the Japanese news agencies, the missile possibly cut down into the sea outside Japanese waters. North Korea is well known to be evolving both nuclear weapons. North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests – and the missiles capable of bringing those weapons to their target. Earlier on Sunday, the North’s state-run media had said it would continue to introduce more “weapons capable of striking” the United States. South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, who is looking for engagement with the North, has organized an urgent meeting of his national security council in response.

Facebook: Artificial Intelligence Software Will Recognize Terrorists

Facebook’s Founder has come up with the new plan through which it is possible to identify terrorists. Mark Zuckerberg has the plan to involve Artificial Intelligence software review content posted on the social network. Further describing the plan, he said by using an algorithm it is possible to recognize the terrorists as well as it is beneficial to prevent suicide and so on. Mark’s said that to developed necessary algorithm it will take years. The declaration has been greeted by an internet safety charity, which had been critical of the way the social network had handled posts depicting ultimate violence. In his 5,500-word letter, he said,” it was impossible to review the billions of posts and messages that appeared on the platform every day”. Mark’s added,” The complexity of the issues we’ve seen has outstripped our existing processes for governing the community”.

“We are researching systems that can read the text and look at photos and videos to understand if anything dangerous may be happening”, He said. Further, Mark’s Zuckerberg said, “This is still very early in development, but we have started to have it look at some content, and it already generates about one-third of all reports to the team that reviews content”. He said, “It’s worth noting that major advances in AI are required to understand the text, photos, and videos to judge whether they contain hate speech, graphic violence, sexually explicit content, and more”. The plan was greeted by Facebook’s safety advisory board, the Family Online Safety Institute. Facebook has been previously criticized for allowing beheading videos. Family Online Safety Institute’s vice president of legal and policy, Jennifer Hanley said, “This letter further demonstrates that Facebook has been responsive to concerns and is working hard to prevent and respond to abuse and inappropriate material on the platform”.

Google’s Move: Upgraded TPU Smartly Handle AI Work

An American Multinational Technology, Google has used up a decade building servers that can handle billions of web searches a day. The company is now evolving chips to deliver the smartest results. On Wednesday 17th May 2017, Alphabet at the annual developer conference, introduced the second generation of Google’s Tensor Processor Unit, which will go deeper in term of the Artificial Intelligence workload. In 2016, Google exposed the first version of Tensor Processor Unit. And the company stated that it had started work on the “stealthy project” a few years back. Google’s move indicates that the company independencies in term of the core computing infrastructure. After Google’s news related to TPU, Nvidia should scare because its graphics processing units have been used by Google for intensive machine learning applications. According to the report, Nvidia named Google Cloud as a notable customer.

Artificial Intelligence comes with the two different stages: training artificial neural networks which work on lots of data, and then pointing the networks to make an interpretation of the new data. From past several years, GPUs have become a standard for the training stage of deep learning, mainly used for image recognition. The original TPU was only intimate for the inference stage of deep learning, the new TPU update can handle training as well. On Tuesday 16th May 2017, A senior fellow and head of the Google Brain research team, Jeff Dean said, “I would expect us to use these TPUs more and more for our training needs, making our experiment cycle faster and more rapid”, in a media briefing. He added,” The company is still using “GPUs internally for some kinds of models”. Further, Dean said, “It takes a day to train a machine translation system using 32 of the best commercially available GPUs, and the same workload takes six hours atop eight connected TPUs”. This equipment is used by Google in its own data centers.

Saudi Arabia: Launches Military Industries Company, Contributing More Than $3.7 Billion USD

On Wednesday 17th May 2017, Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia declared the launch of a state-owned military industrial company, contributing more than 14 billion riyals to the Kingdom’s gross domestic product by 2030. The kingdom’s top sovereign wealth fund said in the statement that The New Saudi Arabian Military Industries will seek to provide over 40,000 jobs by 2030. The move could alter years of preparation in which Saudi Arabia – one of the world’s largest buyers of foreign arms – and other Gulf Arab states recycled a major part of their oil wealth back into Western economies via arms purchases and investments. A year before, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the powerful deputy crown prince, and defense minister launched his Vision 2030 reform scheme to boost jobs as well as revenue to make a future with lower oil income.

Bin Salman said,” The company will seek to be a key catalyst to localize 50 percent of total government military spending in the Kingdom by the year 2030”. Further, he added,” It will lead the military industries sector to increase local content, increase exports and bring foreign investment to the kingdom by entering into joint ventures with major international military industry companies”. According to the statement, Saudi’s military industrial company will work in repair and maintenance of planes and in the manufacture of unmanned aircraft. Also, the company will do work on military vehicles, ammunition, radar, communications systems and electronic warfare. Saudi Arabia has been outstanding a military coalition fighting for over two years in a war in neighboring Yemen. This weekend, The United States President, Donald Trump is set to make his visit starting in Saudi Arabia, focused on defense and security ties. The United States is close to carrying out a series of arms deals with the kingdom more than $100 billion.

A Mosaic Artist Jim Bachor Targets United States President Trump

To protest President Donald Trump’s policies, many people who have hit the streets near Chicago’s Trump Tower. An artist, Jim Bachor also stroked the roadway but with the help of marble and glass. Jim Bachor is a mosaic artist, known for creating mosaics to fill city potholes. Before some days, installed his first political piece since he began creating pothole art in 2013. He created a piece, nearer to the north of Trump Tower on the west side of Wabash Avenue, shows a Russian flag of white, blue and red stripes covered with the word “LIAR”. Jim Bachor said,” The piece is outlined in gold to symbolize Trump’s penchant for opulence”.

The piece is created by Jim Bachor in his studio at the time when Trump was confirmed into office in January. He didn’t install the piece until Saturday because his pothole-filling process requires at least 60-degree temperatures in a row for the art and concrete to set for a few days. The installation of the piece came over reports that President revealed highly classified information to Russian diplomats at a White House meeting. The piece stated Bachor’s attempt to make a political statement as well as a sign of protest that finally can explain to his 11-year-old twin sons. Bachor said, “I wanted to have an answer for them when they get older (when they asked) if I did anything to protest those dark Trump months when he was in office”. Further, He added, “I didn’t want to look back and say, ‘Geez, I just sat on my hands and didn’t do anything”. Jim Bachor said, “he has a couple of other Trump-related pothole art pieces”. He added, “The Liar piece was not a part of his modern Kickstarter campaign”. Jim Bachor plans to continue his upbeat and fun pop art as he done in the past.

US: Kellyanne Conway’s Promotion from Pollster to White House Counselor 

The journey of Kellyanne Conway has been closely watched by The United States members as well as the media. Kellyanne Conway’s journey from pollster to White House counselor. After joining Donald Trump administration, the Kellyanne Conway and her husband, Mr. George Conway, New York City lawyer revealed $39.3 million assets. Much of the wealth came from Kellyanne Conway’s polling business. She started the company in 1995, when she was just 28-year-old, it has made her millionaire. Kellyanne Conway worked as an assistant at a firm while attending law school at George Washington University. The firm was headed by Richard Wirthlin, who was the President of Ronald Reagan’s pollster and strategist. After completion of her graduation, she recognized that it’s time to make money in advising private corporations and politicians on how women vote.

Kellyanne Conway served as President and CEO in the Polling Company. She focused on demographic, operating with private client’s roster that involved American Express, Hasbro, and Boeing. The Polling company’s political clients have involved Newt Gingrich, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and eventually, President Trump. In 2016 October, the presidential election had achieved The Polling Company $1.9 million from the various candidates, as per the Politico report. Kellyanne Conway’s income somewhere between $1 million and $5 million comes from The Polling Company. Mr. and Mrs. Conway has earned thousands in dividends from stocks. According to the Financial Disclosure forms, one Citibank account has been valued at between $500,000 and $1 million. The Polling Company’s website noted that Conway resigned as President and CEO as of January 20, 2017, whereas an investigation by Slate exposed sign that she still retains ownership of the company. This could be treated as a federal crime under the criminal conflict of interest statute.

French: Unknown PM Chosen by President Emmanuel Macron

French New President Mr. Emmanuel Macron has appointed unknown lawmaker to present as Prime Minister of the region. The unknown lawmakers named “Edouard Phillippe”. He is 46-year-old, making good on operation talents to repopulate French politics with the new faces. On Monday 15th May 2017, the announcement of Prime Minister was made by Emmanuel Macron’s general secretary at the presidential Elysee palace. Edouard Phillippe is a trained lawyer and he is an author of political thrillers. Phillippe part of the republican’s party that was critically beaten by Macron’s victory in the presidential campaign. Phillippe took power on Sunday. 39-year old Macron is the youngest President of France. France Prime Minister’s age supports the generational shift in the region’s corridors of power that Macron is preparing. Phillippe may also attract to Macron’s causes as the President works to piece together in parliament to pass his assured economic improvements.

Edouard Phillippe is closely related to the former Prime Minister, Alain Juppe. His reaction to Phillippe’s appointment was terrifically awesome. He stated the new prime minister as “a man of great talent” with “all the qualities to handle the difficult job”. During the Republicans party primary Phillippe assisted as Juppe’s campaign spokesman. Edouard Phillippe switched his support to the Francois Fillon for the French presidency when Juppe has beaten afterward the campaign when prosecutors started inspecting that Fillon’s family benefited illegally from cushy taxpayer-funded jobs. According to the New York Times report, Phillippe’s previous job was a director of the public affair for French nuclear group Areva as well as he worked as a lawyer with international law firm Debevoise and Plimpton LLP.

General secretary, Nicolas Bay said,” Macron’s government is becoming a synthesis of the worst of the right and the worst of the left”. On Monday 15th May 2017, Macron said that he will work with Merkel on a “road map” for the European and Eurozone.