Space Food: Latest Crumb-Free Bread Invention by Marcu

Crumb-free bread is the latest space food invention. As everyone aware of draws of the space tourism likely the incredible views, weightlessness. But one thing probably doesn’t come to mind, however, is the food. Bake in Space company, started by Mr. Marcu wants to bring the freshly baked bread to astronauts. Founder of Bake in Space is developing dough mixture and space-safe baking process with the German Aerospace Centre and food scientists that can allow bread to be made and eaten in a weightless environment. Sebastian Marcu said, “As space tourism takes off and people spend more time in space we need to allow bread to be made from scratch”.

According to the sources, during NASA’s 1965 Gemini 3 mission the bread was ever consumed first and last time, when two astronauts from team snuck a corned beef sandwich. The bread crumbs flew everywhere which could have gotten into the astronauts’ eyes and nearly the whole mission sacrificed due to this incident. After this incident bread has been banned from space flights ever. The new challenge of making the crumbless bread turns out. Bread without crumbs tends to be rubbery. A Bremen-based company, OHB System AG that develops equipment for use in space. To build an oven the company is currently working with Bake in Space that matches these specs. The company also preferring the process known as vacuum baking. The bread that gets produced by ovens apparently fluffier like this is still different in texture than the bread you’re used to.

Sydney: Teen Invented Buoy to Alert Swimmers

An 18-year-old girl, Maddison King invented a Buoy, it can alert swimmers to potentially dangerous currents known as rip currents. A 12th standard Maddison King knows the risks posed by these rip currents, as she is also a lifeguard. Rip current form after wave breaks on shore and the water rushing back to sea. Most of the swimmers can’t fight their way back to shore when the flow exceeds 70 centimeters per second. Maddison King noted that rather than directly back toward the beach, it’s possible to escape rip currents by swimming along the shore. But people are not aware of this. Maddison decided to invent a probe that could help to warn swimmers when rip currents are present.

The clever girl invented four different model of buoys, out of which first model didn’t work properly. The other model involves multiple improvements to boost the performance. The working prototype is made up of plastic, in term of the size, it is bigger than a basketball. The model filled with foam. At the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Maddison King presented her latest buoy. The competition allows the students to present their winning science fair projects. The current cost of the prototype is about $300 but if the devices were developed in a larger amount then the cost will be decreased automatically. A future version of the buoy involves advance things likely warning siren. Maddison King stated that her invention could help tourist people that don’t understand the local language because warning lights and sirens are easy to understand.