Baylor University Student Shows Off MoveMIDI

Baylor University Student computer science student Tim Arterbury created a virtual reality program called MoveMIDI. Tim Arterbury recently posted a video on social media of online trial of the software to create interest among the people.

When Tim Arterbury bobbed, exposed footed in his room, he postponed two movement driven computer game controls as though he were striking drumsticks on a drum set. A loud boom came from his speaker with each invisible strike.

Tim Arterbury said, “A long time ago, I thought to myself, it would be really cool if there were virtual reality drums or something because I’m not a drummer and I’ve always wanted to learn”. Further, he added, “But it’s too expensive to buy a $500 drum set, and I don’t have space for that either”.

Tim Arterbury’s creation allows people to play virtual instruments as well as control sound functions using motion. Tim’s software could performers approach towards music.

Tim Arterbury said, “One whip of an arm could offer a DJ another approach to give a crowd of people a visual signal to what might as well be called moving three handles on the double”.

Baylor computer science assistant professor, Michael Poor said, “I thought it was a great first step”. Further, he said, “It’s very creative and works for a problem he wanted to try and tackle. It has some potential to be a cool new way of creating music”.

The developed software is only compatible with PlayStation Move Motion Controllers but Tim wants the software to work with any virtual reality hardware systems.

Arterbury said, “I was at home over Christmas break and saw these, and we would play virtual disc golf or virtual tennis or whatever”. Further, Arterbury added, “I thought the tracking on these were pretty good, I thought to myself if they could do that in video games, you could probably apply the same kind of concept to music. So, I took these and basically used some code to make them basically talk music language”.

The program can send MIDI signals to software or hardware that uses the industry-standard signals.

Wolfville Artist’s New Exhibition Exposes On June 17

At the Harvest Gallery in Wolfville, artist Steven Rhude will prompt a giggle as well as his outstanding talent grand opening on 17th June 2017, Saturday. Steven’s phenomenon new work is one of the eye-catching at a new exhibition at the Harvest. Steven’s ‘Painting as an Art’ exhibition opening runs from 2 – 4 p.m. Steven Rhude’s imagined portrait of the Mi’kmaq god Kluskap holding a chunk of pale purple. Rhude recalls every gallery seemed to hold an attraction for him later as a young graduate in Toronto. Steven Rhude said, “Convincing myself that something wonderful is waiting to be seen is becoming difficult now that the digital revolution has created an explosive cocktail of virtual galleries and visual imagery”.

Steven stated, “Channeled through myriad websites and social media, painting has become a post art activity, by and large, a culture in which visual language is framed by appeals to emotion disconnected from the nature of experience, and by the repeated assertion of the “like” button to which skill and insight are summarily ignored”. In the Western world, With the invention of photography, Steven suggests, “painting’s day in the sun more or less came to an end. Photography unequivocally altered our view of contemporary life and allowed every man to view and translate his world without relying on skills based tradition like painting as a medium for outside interpretation”. At Wolfville, Rhude’s works represent some recent thematic subjects. The Owner of the Harvest Gallery, Lynda MacDonald said that Steven replicates on leading works that have endured perceptible in his memory over the years. Steven said, “I did 11 homage works in total for this exhibition and still have several others in mind for the future”.





United States: Plant City Experts Peculiar Work at Comic Convention Event

At Mega Convention, a large multi-genre convention that caters to the comic book, sci-fi, anime, fantasy and so on, the artist Alley generally filled with the latest video game crazes as well as several takes on pop culture mainstays. There are cushions made of Star Wars T-shirts and endless other options, as well as designed postcards with characters from the video game Overwatch and so many things. All these things something recognizably different makes Artist Alley unique in its own way. Rebecca Nipper and Charles Galvin’s hand-crafted natural leather goods, each represents the unique style of work in its own way. Rebecca Nipper and Charles Galvin manage the Tracks of the art gallery in Historic Downtown. Both travel to events around the country that feature more culture related art, in addition to fine arts festivals.

Nipper said, “The giant pink flamingo got a lot of attention”. Nipper art began with fairies and more fantasy-based subject but her interest in nature along with animals shifted her art to more “whimsical, nature-based” paintings. Nipper said,” My fascination with all the critters helped but the background in environmental science really fuelled the fire”. Other leather sellers at convention event are reselling manufactured products or they are custom makers of costume items. Galvin makes “living art” which mainly includes belts, wallets, purses, and flasks, to be used every day. Nipper said, “The leather changes when it comes in contact with the sun, outside elements and even your body chemistry”. Further, she added, “It almost becomes a collaborative piece”.

Cuba: Beatles Expurgated at Havana Tribute Concert

On Thursday 1st June 2017, Communist-run Cuba glowered upon the Beatles as a decadent Western influence in a Havana park to rejoicing 50 years since the release of the band’s landmark album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. Extreme enthusiasm for the Beatles pop group, Beatlemania has succeeded slowly on the Caribbean island, where establishments in the 1960s and 1970s treated Beatles songs “ideological diversionism”. President Fidel Castro in 2000 drew a cultural about-face, calling John Lennon as a “revolutionary” hero as well as exposing a bronze statue of him sitting on a bench in a park. People will enjoy Beatles music which is played on the Cuban airwaves as well as Lennon Park one of the best Havana’s minor landmarks.

On Thursday 1st June 2017, most of the Beatles fans turned up to rock to Cuban covers of emblematic songs, treated by many to be their best. A dock worker, Ivan Rico said, “The Beatles are beloved in Cuba, they are the greatest there is in the history of music”. Mr. Ivan Rico said that he felt his school chastised him for liking the Beatles so he was pleased now to be able to pamper his passion. Remaining music lovers listening to the songs at clandestine parties. 62-year-old Ruben Urias Raurell said, “I couldn’t live this at the appropriate time of my life, so I’m fulfilling that dream I still have now”, who operated his fishing equipment for his first Beatles record. Lennon Park has become a destination for local fans as well as foreign tourists. 72-year-old Aleyda Rodriguez said, “We look after them 11, 12 hours per day, and then we take the glasses home with us”. The Rolling Stones band was also expurgated in Cuba.

US: Kellyanne Conway’s Promotion from Pollster to White House Counselor 

The journey of Kellyanne Conway has been closely watched by The United States members as well as the media. Kellyanne Conway’s journey from pollster to White House counselor. After joining Donald Trump administration, the Kellyanne Conway and her husband, Mr. George Conway, New York City lawyer revealed $39.3 million assets. Much of the wealth came from Kellyanne Conway’s polling business. She started the company in 1995, when she was just 28-year-old, it has made her millionaire. Kellyanne Conway worked as an assistant at a firm while attending law school at George Washington University. The firm was headed by Richard Wirthlin, who was the President of Ronald Reagan’s pollster and strategist. After completion of her graduation, she recognized that it’s time to make money in advising private corporations and politicians on how women vote.

Kellyanne Conway served as President and CEO in the Polling Company. She focused on demographic, operating with private client’s roster that involved American Express, Hasbro, and Boeing. The Polling company’s political clients have involved Newt Gingrich, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and eventually, President Trump. In 2016 October, the presidential election had achieved The Polling Company $1.9 million from the various candidates, as per the Politico report. Kellyanne Conway’s income somewhere between $1 million and $5 million comes from The Polling Company. Mr. and Mrs. Conway has earned thousands in dividends from stocks. According to the Financial Disclosure forms, one Citibank account has been valued at between $500,000 and $1 million. The Polling Company’s website noted that Conway resigned as President and CEO as of January 20, 2017, whereas an investigation by Slate exposed sign that she still retains ownership of the company. This could be treated as a federal crime under the criminal conflict of interest statute.

Cardinals Caught in Controversy After Signing Blaine Gabbert into The Team

On Wednesday 10th May 2017, the Cardinals reportedly sign Blaine Gabbert and the unexpected thing happens with the team. They fall into a small controversy. After the Blaine Gabbert’s deal out with Cardinals, people discussion started with another quarterback “Colin Kaepernick”. If you have seen last season’s 49ers, a roster includes Colin Kaepernick was the best quarterback with Gabbert. It means that Kaepernick is better as compete with Gabbert. According to the expertise, National Football League is blackballing Colin after team’s ‘they are not’ statement. Colin Kaepernick still waiting for a team call where Gabbert led to Arizona.

For some minute the idea of Colin Kaepernick being blackballed force you to thinks it is believable just because till the time, he did not receive a call from the team as he was one of the best quarterbacks available this year. On the another side, Colin Kaepernick was away from the team, maybe we should not be surprised because he turned to social activism so there wasn’t demand him. The major issue because of which Kaepernick was not part of the team mainly include his multiple surgeries in the year 2016 and the fact that he had signed a contract that was due to pay him $14.3 million in 2016, $16.9 million in 2017, $17.4 million in 2018 and $19.2 million in 2019. The things are changing with the time, but it is not fair to relate Gabbert’s signing with Kaepernick’s blackballed. The underlying statement if Colin Kaepernick wants to play football this year, he should be able to, because he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the sport.

Minnesota: Satanic Temple’s First Public Monument Coming Soon

The Monument is a structure which has become important as part of the remembrance of historic time. Monument exposes something about the people they honor as well as the values people honoring them. In Belle Plaine city soon covered with veteran’s memorial given by the Satanic Temple. An argument over religious expression is set when local veterans’ club decided to erect a monument that showed a silhouetted soldier kneeling before the cross in a public veteran’s memorial park. After debate, the cross was removed from both locals and the Freedom from Religion Foundation supports separation of church and state.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Liz Sawyer reports states that local citizens occupied the park daily with crosses of their own. Lastly, the city council voted to label the park a “limited public forum”. The memorial consists empty soldier helmet on top and golden pentagram symbols sideways of the steel cube.
The Satanic Temple says that the monument will be in the park within a few months. Satanic temple made his presence before this also.

Liberia’s Collaborative Sanctuary to Protect Wildlife

On 6th May 2017 Saturday, Liberia’s Governance Commission Chairman officially launched first wildlife sanctuary. The facility intended to preserve the region’s wildlife species locally eaten as bush meat, located at LibassaEcolodge. While achieving the launch, Dr. Sawyer praised the Management of Libassa Ecolodge for such an outstanding idea to protect wildlife. He challenged Liberian Government especially those in the Extractive industry to think differently. Dr. Sawyer said,” There is no need to strangulate the private sector only because one does not want it to grow. The partnership between government, civil society, NGOs and the private sector should always win, win and win. I would like to take this time to congratulate FDA for building from strength to strength”.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Antoune described Sanctuary as a realization of their dream. According to them, the dream started eight years back when LibassaEcolodge was under the structure and it was their love of nature that pushed them in this adventure. The LibassaEcolodge Wildlife Sanctuary is the first of its kind in Liberia. It is a partnership between LibassaEcolodge, Forestry Development Authority and Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia. The Sanctuary will deliver care and give support to confiscated wild animals, encourage volunteer participation in nature work, train students and communities on wildlife protection and introduce behavioral study among others.

Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai Was Bestowed Canadian Citizenship By Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Malala Yousafzai received Canadian citizenship by Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.

Malala Yousafzai become sixth person to receive honorary Canadian Citizenship.

Only 19-year-old, Malala youngest person give speech to Canadian members of parliament and senators in a joint session. She is youngest person to receive Canadian Citizenship.

Malala Yousafzai had protest for girl’s right for more than a year to education in Muslim home region in Pakistan. In October 2012, she bound to global fame afterwards Taliban shot her in head for preventing right to attend school.

Birmingham, is the place where Malala Yousafzai lived, and she continues to advocate for women’s rights.

Her book “I am Malala” was added to the parliamentary.

Malala thanked her host whom she exalted for women’s rights, during a time where world is hopeless.

She said that, “I am here on behalf of every girl over there and to say if you are living in modern world where we see improvement in technology, we should not be seeing children out of school”.

Bahubali 2 Story LEAKED?

This has to be the huge news for Bahubali fans that have been deeply waiting for sequel of Bahubali or we can say coming of Bahubali 2.

Bahubali 2 the epic drama film of SS Rajmouli, is going to rock the floor in next couple of weeks. The fans are desperately waiting for film. The Prabas and Anushka Shetty starrer film Bahubali 2 will not release on silver screen before April 2017.

The accident happened while doing action scene is responsible for the delay of film. People will get to know the suspense story behind killing of Bahubali, which became essence of Bahubali part one.

The conclusion of the story is leaked and trending on social media. Neither Official maker of the film has denied it nor confirmed it.

According to message viral on social media about leaked story, the scandalous mystery of why kattappa killed Bahubali is answered. Bahubali had left the audience beetling with open climax and fans were desperately waiting for the sequel of the movie to find the answer.

A number of stories saying possible reason why kattappa could have killed Bahubali, started making different sounds in different area of news.

Although, not a single answers looked convincing, these types of rumours started growing compulsion in fans. According to the different sources the film has two climax.