Robocup Football Challenge: American Robots Defeated Australians

In a game of football to win the RoboCup Challenge, An American team of robots has defeated their Australian rivals after technical problems plagued the Australian side. During China’s World Robot Conference, The University of Texas at Austin Villa beat the University of New South Wales. The University of New South Wales in Australia, Jeremy Collette, regretted the bugs that fraught Run swift. Jeremy Collette said,” We’ve been using that robot for three or four days straight, and just before the finals it stops”. Further, Collette said, “Then we had another problem with another robot, which is kind of like a perfect storm for us”.

Since the mid-1990’s Robot soccer matches have been played. The robot used for this competitions are Nao robots; they are humanly shaped automatons around 58 cm tall. Nao robots are developed by French company Aldebaran Robotics. Robots programmed by advanced programming students at the universities, they are programmed in a way that they exchanged information wirelessly and they bet on which teammates would reach the ball first. The game was not quite as a match involving humans, the main issue was the robot’s skill to remain vertical. The University of Texas at Austin student Josiah Hanna explained, “The robots are telling each other where they believe the ball is, where they believe that they are on the field, if they’ve fallen down or not, and then they’re also to decide who goes for the ball”. Sun Qiong said, “I think these robots are able to move flexibly and this is a pleasant surprise”.

Wide Receiver Michael Floyd Joins Hometown Minnesota Vikings

On Wednesday 10th May 2017, wide receiver and New England Patriots receiver signed a deal. He joins Vikings and tries to restart National Football League career in his hometown. Michael Floyd spent his NFL careers first five years with the Cardinals and Patriots. According to a league source, including incentives, Michael Floyd’s one-year deal could boost up to $6 million. He attended Cretin- Derham Hall High School in St. Paul, where on two occasions he was named “Minnesota Gatorade Player”. He twitted his excitement as he is back to his hometown to play. He was being punished to 24 days in jail and around three months of house arrest in February 2017, caused by his arrest for DUI in Arizona and still face NFL discipline. He winds up this year with the Patriots, but he is not going to leave the state until NFL’s conclusion. Two days after his arrest, was released by the Cardinals.

Rick Spielman, Vikings general manager said, “Coach Zimmer and I are confident Michael Floyd has learned and grown from his past decisions. He has accepted full responsibility and is taking encouraging steps to improve”. Further, he added, “We are aware that Michael is subject to discipline from the NFL and will work with both him and the NFL in a professional manner. We are excited to have Michael and believe he can be a productive member of our football team and community.” During offseason, he has been training hard to take responsibility and values for his mistake. Floyd said, “Although I cannot change my past decisions,” he added, “I have definitely learned from this experience and look forward to making valuable contributions to the Vikings organization and the Minnesota community, both as a player and a person. Time to go to work.”

Lakers Prepares for NBA Draft Combine in Chicago

On Tuesday 9th May 2017, Lakers coach Luke Walton, Magic Johnson who is a president of the basketball operation went to Chicago with the general manager Rob Pelinka for NBA draft combine. NBA lottery is an annual event for those team who had missed the playoff that year, those team will get a chance to participate in a lottery process to determine the draft. During the lottery system, Lakers will get a chance for the time with some top players who will be there for interviews. Other than that they will also get the opportunity to continue estimating the players who might be there for a summer league and training camp.

After the end of the season, Rob Pelinka said,” We are so prepared in how we’re evaluating guys that could be in the draft, free agents that might come up this July or next July and then players you think might come up to trade for”. He added,” “It’s a combination of analytics. It’s a combination of game film. It’s a combination of talking to a lot of people around the league and getting a sense of who players are. But I will tell you there’s going to be a very high value for us on guys of character. Guys of integrity and guys who have a high basketball knowledge.” The process of estimating incoming beginner has already begun. For the upcoming days in Chicago Lakers will have access to 67 eligible players whom not be considered for one of the top three picks. Two lottery picks Fultz and Fox, who considered as top three available players in the draft. Fultz expected to participate in five-on-five drills. Tuesday arrived players began interviews with the team on Wednesday afternoon. Every team can meet only 20 players at the combine, not more than that.

Golden State Warriors Beat Philadelphia 76ers with a 126 Points Win!

On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors, one of the best NBA teams, gave the 76ers of Philadelphia a 126-86 defeat at the Oracle Arena. The Warriors led by 47 points, including the double figures that the team brought home during the final 39:20 of the game, and was leading by 20  during the last 27:15. Tuesday’s match was the team’s most unbalanced triumph of the basketball season. Philadelphia, on the other hand, is yet to win a home game and has started the basketball season with a 0-17 score.

Warriors show off their best play with record highs for this season

During the match, the team displayed stellar plays, steals and assists including scoring a season high of 43 points from one of their best forced turnovers for this season, which was twenty-eight. The Warriors also created a record for this season, with nineteen steals and thirty-eight assists in addition to securing eleven blocked shots. On the whole, the Warriors have about 17 steals in successive games, with the last such record made in 1975.

Warriors match and break every franchise record!

The Oracle Arena match on Tuesday was the team’s tenth successive victory at the venue. The current team even matched the campaign made by the 1994 team, and has moved within the top 5 game spots of the franchise’s best home stretch record. This is the first time that a team has won eleven matches in consecutive months. The last time a team earned this distinction was in 1992. Because of their stellar performance, the Warriors have maintained a ½ game lead over their rival Portland team with regards to the Western Conference. Additionally, they are also ahead of the Clippers by five games in the Pacific Division.

Dallas Mavericks Beats Eastern Conference’s Best Team Washington Wizards!

In the Tuesday match between the Mavericks and Wizards, it was the Dallas team that emerged victorious by defeating one of the best teams of the Eastern Conference with a 114 win. The Washington Wizards managed to score only 87 points in the Tuesday night match. The match turned out to be a cakewalk for the Dallas Mavericks, who were expecting a tough fight from the Wizards.

Basketball magic by Dallas Mavericks leads to their 3rd straight victory!

The excellent play was in part due to the highly well organized offense put up by Dallas,which apparently did not require the help of their forward Dirk Nowitzki. The team’s points continued to rise, with six of its players playing an instrumental role bycontributing double figures, includinga20 point score by Maverick guard Monta Ellis. The game was the team’s third uninterrupted victory.While responsible for only seven turnovers, the Dallas team hadwon the season series in November, with its 105-102 score against the Wizards. As a result, it earned the distinction of a10th consecutive series win against the Washington team.

A night of sloppy performance by the Washington Wizards!

The Washington Wizards could not keep up their winning streak, which the team displayed in its Monday night game against Houston on Monday, in which it scored 104 against Houston’s 103. The team was exceedingly careless and committed twenty-three turnovers in the match against the Mavericks. Bradley Beal, who was the star at the Wizards vs. Houston match,missed nine out of eleven shots and ended the day with only 10 points on the 4-of-14 shooting. John Wall, the team’s point guard,scored only 11 points and had just eight assists.Nene, the team’s power forward, on the other hand, had to leave the game because of an ankle injury.